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Got a nose for news of the geeky variety? Have an opinion about the newest bit of info about a upcoming film or book or just don’t like that your favorite character is about to be killed off in some form? Want to show people how they can turn everyday items around their home into the next cosplay masterpiece? Maybe you just love to snap pictures and attend events like conventions. Well then becoming a staff writer or photographer at Geekfinity just might be what you’re looking for!

Geekfinity is seeking individuals not only with something to say but the skill and ability to show the world the intricate details about everything that is considered to be geeky. Becoming a member brings the ability to share your views and work with the world, or at least our audience that will continue to grow over time. If you’re interested send an email to


How to join:

Your Name:


Staff Position Interested In: (Staff Writer, Copy Editor, Staff Photographer, Videographer, Podcaster. If you think of something else pitch it at us, we’re always interested to see what else people can offer)

Links or Clips of your previous Work: (In the field that you’re looking for, show us at least two to three pieces/clips in that area you are interested in tackling)

Why you’re interested in joining Geekfinity:

What you bring to the table:

What “geeky” things are you most interested in:

Share your thoughts with us!

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