Marvel’s Giant Size X-Men limited series continues with Magneto in March

The world for Marvel’s Merry Mutants has gotten bigger in the last few months, with the current Dawn of X initiative still rolling out with the new status quos of all of mutantkind on the island of Krakoa. February kicks off a new artist focused X-Men series with Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 by Jonathan Hickman, the man overseeing the new status quo, and Russell Dauterman.

The big nature of that five issue series, which rotates artists to feature various big artists, isn’t stopping there. Marvel has announced the next issue in March by Jonathan Hickman and Ben Oliver will tackle the master of magnetism himself: Magneto.

Giant Size X-Men: Magneto #1 focuses on the long-time foe and adversary of the X-Men who now stands as one of the leaders of all of mutantkind (side by side with the X-Men once more) on Krakoa. While his dream of all mutants together making their own way in the world has come true, Magneto has a challege ahead of him as he must “now make dealings with his former sworn enemy — humanity,” reads the issue description.

More information about this issues, as well as the following three one-shots of this run are expected in the near future.

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