Quantum & Woody are back in a brand new 2020 series

After dropping a teaser not too long ago, Valiant Comics has now made it very official: Quantum and Woody are back in 2020.

As reported by IGN, a brand new Quantum and Woody series will debut in January from the creative team of Christopher Hastings (The Unbelieveable Gwenpool), artist Ryan Browne (Curse Words), colorit Ruth Redmond, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou with covers from David Nakayama, David Lopez, Dave Johnson and Eric Henderson.

There last series left the brother superhero duo on the run from the government, and the new series picks up there with their reputation in tatters and them trying to find any way to go on adventures to gain it back.

“It’s not a full on reboot, but it’s not strictly captive to either continuity either,” Hastings told IGN. “I think as Quantum & Woody have more and more creators adding to their myth, it’s okay for the next guy — me — to shave off some of the specifics of certain bits of history, while remaining true to the larger truths of the characters and the world.”

Hastings and Browne teased everything form haunted high schools to government assassins as well as the return of the duo’s goat sidekick in this new series.

“I see Quantum and Woody fitting into the Valiant universe the same way characters like Deadpool fit in at Marvel, or Plastic Man or Harley Quinn fit into DC. To steal a culinary metaphor, they are that little bit of acidity in a rich savory recipe that makes the whole thing pop. You need a little comedy in a superhero universe,” Hasting said.

“We gonna goof y’all and y’all gonna feel like y’all got supreme goof value. Just alls y’alls wait,”  Browne added.

Quantum and Woody launches in January.

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