Apocalypse isn’t satisfied in Marvel’s new Excalibur teaser

Sometimes when we get everything that we’ve ever desired, or everything we didn’t know we wanted, it leads to us wanting more. That seems to be the case for En Sabbah Nur, the ancient mutnat known as Apocalypse.

Marvel Comics has dropped a new (some would say ominous) teaser for their upcoming Dawn of X series Excalibur, which Apocalypse is part of the cast for, featuring the ancient one standing and starring out at the mutants of Krakoa (the new mutant homeland) with his arms behind his back with the caption “Some mutants are never satisfied.”

As those that have read House of X and Powers of X the last few months know, Apocalypse and many other former mutant antagonists of the X-Men were welcomed onto Krakoa with open arms by Charles Xavier as part of his new dream of a mutant homeland with all mutants under one roof together. No longer trying to play by the rules of and live with humans.

From previously released teases and interviews it is known that Excalibur is a series that will deal with the mutants gaining a new deeper connection to magic, so perhaps the never satisfied part refers to Apocalypse getting all that he wants with the mutant homeland and admitting their superiority but now needs a new challenge such as magic.

Or perhaps his alliance with the X-Men and other mutnats is tenous and he wants to take it all for himself and is just biding his time.

That’s the beauty of a teaser, we’re going to be speculating and discussing till the books are on the stands.

Excalibur is by Tini Howard, Marcus To and Erick Arciniega and is part of the first wave of Dawn of X books that are spinning out of the world altering House of X/Powers of X books by Johnathan Hickman, R.B. Silva, Pepe Larraz, Marte Garcia and Clayton Cowles. The first issue is due out later this month.

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