Jeffrey Wright & Warner Bros. reportedly in talks for James Gordon role in The Batman

Things are slowly coming together for The Batman, Warner Bros. and DC’s Matt Reeves helmed relaunch of their Batman centric films. Robert Pattinson is ready to take up the cape and cowl as the newest Dark Knight, and now one of his closest allies could be close to being cast.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeffrey Wright (West World, Hunger Games series, and more) is in talks to take up the role of Police Commissioner James Gordon for the upcoming Batman film. Depending on where the film takes place in the career of Batman and Gordon, and what take Reeves is using, whether Gordon will be a detective or liutenant or already commissioner is unclear at the moment.

Gordon has always been an ally, sometimes more reluctant than other times, to Batman in the never-ending battle against crime despite at times the local government or his superiors being anti-vigilante in Gotham City. Gary Oldman played the role for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy while J.K. Simmons briefly held the role in Zack Snyder & Joss Whedon’s Justice League.

Wright’s casting seems to further showcase that not only is this a departure from the formerly known as the DCEU films (Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman, Wonder Woman, etc) in having a younger Batman but also it seems a full on continuity departure as well. This would allow Reeves more room to play around with the character rather than having to be building something that matches up to what Snyder and Ben Affleck were doing with the character.

Originally Affleck was attached to star in and direct The Batman, but then Reeves was brought in to direct instead and soon enough Affleck announced he was stepping down as Batman as rumors swirled about Reeve’s film being about a younger Batman and after the reception of Justice League there not seeming to be a current place in the shared DC universe for Batman and Superman.

The Batman opens on June 25, 2021.

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