The Pierce family is ready to strike in the new Black Lightning season three poster

Lightning strikes for a third time as The CW’s Black Lightning prepares to enter it’s upcoming third season in around a month’s time. While those behind the series are keeping pretty quiet about what folks might expect in the new season, a brand new poster has been unveiled.

Shared on Twitter, the poster showcases Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning with images of his surrogate father Peter Gambi, daughters Anissa Pierce/Thunder & Jennifer Pierce/Lightning as well as ex-wife Lynn Stewart within him. The family looks prepared to defend Freeland once more from all that will befall their hometown.

Alongside any huge changes set to come with his new season, this year will see the Cress Williams played Jefferson/Black Lightning finally join the Arrowverse at large.

Since debut the show has been its own thing within the multiverse but come December/January at least Jefferson will find his way into the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover that will bring all the current show casts as well as various actors from other former DC related projects including John Wesley Shipp, Burt Ward and Tom Welling among others.

Black Lightning returns on October 7.

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Scott Redmond

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