The Longbox: A fun diverse cast, threats modern & ancient & stunning art make Agents of Atlas #1 a fun ride

Reborn (in the sense of starring in a comic again) through the fires (literally) of the recent War of the Realms event, the Agents of Atlas, both the new worldly team & the originals, are here to protect the world in their own ways once more. While tie-ins to events are good, it’s usually within their own series where characters/teams really get to shine and show you what the creative team has planned, and that is definitely the case here.

Even if a reader missed out on the formation of this new Amadeus Cho/Brawn led (with Jimmy Woo behind the scenes) Agents of Atlas team in their WOTR tie-in, the first issue of the new series from Greg Pak, Nico Leon, Federico Blee, and Joe Sabino instantly tells you who the characters are and showcases the chemistry that the team has. Despite many of the characters on this team being brand new or relatively new, they not only fit into the Marvel Universe extremely well this team already feels like a solid unit in the sense of personalities and the storylines that could be explored.

It was a great move to not just forget the WOTR events of their mini-series, quickly showing that this team has come together to deal with one of the last remaining potential threats from that invasion of Earth. It also means that early on the work of Leon, Blee & Sabino takes center stage featuring this amazing shot of a some of the team and a Muspelheim Dragon that is raining fire upon Madripoor.

This kind of stuff is what I love about comic books. The crazy awesome leaves you with a childlike grin on your face sort of stuff.

That is just the start of this book which is tremendously gorgeous and the action is detailed so well, it leaps off the page in the best way possible. There is an art to lettering, and that is on full display in that above image as well as the rest of the book. Comics are a treat because you get to mesh the world of prose and the world of imagery together, and together they make something better than the two separate parts. That describes this comic well.

Without spoiling too much, the book manages to fit in the characters having their own separate lives and goals before bringing them back together for the potential threat they face. Seoul, Tokyo, Flushing New York, Manila, Mumbai and more are all connected in a way where parts of them appear all at the same spot as one global community that folks can travel back and forth between, thanks to the Big Nguyen company. While the company and it’s leader Mike Nguyen seem to be doing something great for the world, there is likely something lurking under the surface there which is the best kind of story sometimes. Not knowing exactly what or where the conflict of the story will come from.

In the long run at least. The end of the story leaves a very good clue of what the immediate threat will be.

It was a great move to bring back the old Agents of Atlas creative team to tackle the old team from the comics. Jeff Parker, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Dono Sanchez-Almara and Joe Sabino craft a fun story bringing Woo’s Agents of Atlas back together on what at first seems to be a side mission but clearly by the end weaves in ties and information that will pertain to the main story of the miniseries.

Agents of Atlas #1 is a great read the entire way through, and hopefully, there is enough interest to bump the miniseries into an ongoing series soon enough.

Issue one is now on sale and issue two drops on September 04.

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