Marvel’s new Doc Justice and the J-Team are the Runaways

Marvel Comics got the comic side of things talking with their teases about a brand new superhero team ready to make their debut. Turns out that this new team is new but also not new & familiar at the same time.

As some online suspected, the teased Doc Justice and the J-Team is actually going to be the characters from Runaways, as announced by Marvel. Kicking off in Runaways #25 in September, by Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet, this new story arc sees the mysterious Doc Justice who might be recruiting the young heroes that aren’t traditional superheros to become his superhero team.

“We started mapping out the latest arc of RUNAWAYS, issues #25-30, and we thought about one of the things that this series does best is take a classic Super Hero comic idea and subvert it, do a Runaways spin on it,” said editor Nick Lowe. “From classic moments in the original Brian K. Vaughan-Adrian Alphona run to stuff in the more recent issues, so much of this series is about subverting those Super Hero expectations and ideas. And something that Super Hero comics do is a big costume change or a name change, and Rainbow had the idea for Doc Justice and the J-Team—this venerable Los Angeles hero who’s without his support team. And maybe the Runaways become that! So what we’ve got coming up is Doc Justice recruiting the Runaways, and they’ve never done anything like this before.”

The Runaways are of course the younger heroes who found out long ago they were actually the kids of supervillains, and they rose up against their parents and have been finding their way in the Marvel Universe ever since. Along with this new turn for the characters, an old friend will be returning to the fold for a brief moment during this arc.

“For as much as RUNAWAYS is a Marvel comic, as much as they’re super-powered characters, they’re not Super Heroes,” Lowe said. “They never have been. They’ve done things to help people, heroic things, but they’re not Super Heroes; they don’t go on patrol. So you’ll see the start of it all in issues #2426, but things really start happening in issue #27… And we have a guest artist for that (who’s not really a guest) because Kris Anka is back for an issue! He’s coming in for RUNAWAYS #27 to help us mint the group as the J-Team. We’re super glad to have him. This arc is gonna go places you will not expect it to go. If there’s one thing you know about RUNAWAYS, it’s that it will surprise you at every turn…”

Doc Justice and the J-Team make their debut this fall.

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