Marvel teases the debut of a new super hero team Doc Justice and the J-Team

Superhero teams have been a staple of comic books forever, ranging from the well known ever present to the known but waiting for their next shot to the sometimes often forgotten. Marvel Comics is about to add a new name to the mix.

As the publisher posted on Twitter, they are ready to debut a brand new team known as Doctor Justice and the J-Team. Their graphic features various superhero teams debuts from the Avengers in 1963 to Defenders in 1977 and the Thunderbolts in 1997, with the caption declaring this new team “the next great Super Hero team.”

There is no other information offered about this team, where they will debut, who is part of it, are they getting a mini series or an ongoing, etc etc etc.

There is a chance that the series could be something spinning out of the big Marvel Comics #1000 & Marvel Comics #1001 mega issues as they were said to introduce a new mystery in the Marvel Universe. It could be a new version of a previously seen group, something entirely new to the Marvel Universe or even something on an alternate world such as the Secret Warps (world in the Soul Stone full of mashed up Marvel Heroes) world.

Likely more information is on the way soon, possibly even in the upcoming November 2019 solicitations from Marvel.

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