Krypton showrunner addresses series cancelation & offers up season three tease

Even in television show format, the planet of Krypton could not avoid the fate of ceasing to exist as SyFy recently dropped the cancelation axe on the Superman prequel series. The just completed second season left the audience likely with questions about what might have been.

Now they will get a shot to take a glimpse at what might have been (and still potentially could if WarnerMedia picks the show up for DC Universe or shops to another platform) thanks to series showrunner Cam Welsh.

Taking to Twitter, he shared his thanks to the fans and addressed the fact of the show’s cancelation in a three page statement.

In addition, he also shared a small teaser (stating about how me might get in trouble for doing such a thing) that shows off a very dark and intriguing teaser for just what season three would have had in store for the characters and fans alike.

This paints quite a turning on the head of the Superman mythos that many had come to know, sticking with the fact that the show has done much of that. This world where Brainiac is raising Jor-El, a more brutal version of Superman’s father, is one that still might see life if WB/DC are able to successfully shop the series and the Lobo spinoff that was also in the works to another network/platform.

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