SyFy pulls the plug on DC’s Krypton after two seasons

The Kryptonian pre-Superman adventures of Seg-El, father of Kal-El/Superman, have come to an end.

After two seasons, SyFy has chosen to cancel their WB/DC series Krypton just days after the series ended the most recent season, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Not only that, they have chosen to pass on the Lobo series that was set to spin off the main series after the bounty hunter character debuted in season two.

The network gave the series an early season two renewel after season one was very popular on the network but reportedly the numbers began to drop on the series in season two with the finale down to just 350,000 same-day viewers.

In the last couple of years SyFy began to develop multiple comic book related series but Krypton now joins fellow comic book series Deadly Class and Happy in the land of cancelled shows as SyFy recently pulled the plug on them as well.

Reportedly DC Entertainment will shop around Lobo, and if they truly wanted the show they potentially could find some way to place it onto their own platform DC Universe, which is where season one of Krypton is currently housed.

DC Universe, as well as WarnerMedia’s upcoming HBO Max platform, could also be home to Krypton should the entertainment giant choose to revive it as they did with DC Universe staple series Young Justice, which was canceled on Cartoon Network many years ago.

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