DC announces tie-in issues for The Batman Who Laughs’ infected heroes

The Batman Who Laugh's infected victims take the spotlight in their own Batman/Superman tie-in issues this fall

When Batman/Superman from Joshua Williamson & David Marquez launches this month, the storyline that begins will see the evil Dark Multiverse Batman Who Laughs bring his infection upon six sleeper agents. Six DC comics characters, that Batman and Superman must discover their identity and hopefully save them & bring them back to the light.

While the main story will take place within that series, DC Comics has now announced that they will release six tie-in issues along the way that will feature the infected heroes. So far the revealed infected heroes are Shazam, Blue Beetle, Supergirl and Hawkman with two others being left secret for the time being.

These tie-ins will begin on November 6 with The Infected: King Shazam #1 from Sina Grace and Joe Bennett and continue on November 20 with The Infected: Scarab #1 from Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum and Freddie E. Williams. David Marquez and Dean White will provide the covers for both.

DC describes these one-shots as: “One is a story of a hero whose soul has been turned black and who has something to prove to the old guard, the other a tale of a hero fighting the evil inside him, with his friends and family about to pay the priceā€¦and then some.”

Supergirl and Hawkman will have issues dedicated to their infected nature within their own books, Hawkman #18 by Robert Venditti, Pat Olliffe and Tom Palmer and Supergirl #36 from Marc Andreyko, Eduardo Pansica and Julio Ferreira, both arriving on November 13. Tyler Kirkham will tackle the Hawkman cover while Dan Mora provides the Supergirl one.

The final two infected will remain hidden for now but are going to get their own one-shot issues in December to explore their infected nature. DC shared that all six infected will stand revealed in December’s Batman/Superman #4.

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