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The Longbox: Powers of X #01 builds the past, present & future of Marvel’s mutants

Marvel's bold new direction for the X-Men continues with a deep dive into the future that may yet be for the Marvel Universe.

While House of X #01 began the setup of the bold new direction of Marvel Mutants care of the mind of Jonathan Hickman, it’s companion series Powers of X #01 took the concepts further. A lot further, as it dipped into the long from now future of mutants and the Marvel Universe.

Truth be told, stories about the future when it comes to Marvel or DC tend to be a hard sell for me, only in the sense of getting fully invested because of the ongoing nature of their comics & futures being usually a possible future only. That being said, this is a great story about the potential future of the mutants that is full of deep & developed thoughts that I’m all about.

Much like when Hickman dove into future stuff with the Fantastic Four and Avengers previously, these futures are fully focused on the X-Men/Mutnat world & are full of tons of easter eggs, characters from the past in a whole new light, & off the wall concepts that feel right at home becuase they are the types of crazy that makes comic books fun.

Briefly the book takes us back for a glimpse of where a moment from House of X #01 goes next(an era defined as X1, roughly ten years from X-Men formation), but the majority of the issue centers around setting up the new characters seen in promotional material that are from somewhere in the 100 year range (era X2) from when the X-Men formed. There also is a brief dalliance to setup the book within the 0 year of the X-Men (era aptly known as Xo) with Moira MacTaggert and the even crazier world that is somewhere after 1000 years from the X-Men formation (era that is X3).

Using this future era as well as the supplemental material, Hickman crafts a world that showcases the possible directions that Xavier and the X-Men’s current Krakoa centered dreams might take the world eventually. Always at the center of the X-Men line is the struggle against forces that hate and fear them, and in the future those forces are still there having taken similar faces as the present but in new & very different roles.

These worlds are brought together by the amazing work of RB Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto and both Marte Gracia & Clayton Cowles pulling double duty working on both of the X Relaunch books. Both art teams chosen for these books (including the double duty havers) were the amazingly right choice as they have brought these worlds to glorious colorful and eye catching life.

Each of the characters introduced from Rasputin to Cardinal to Cylobel to Nimrod are both familiar yet stunningly different from what we’ve had before, thanks to the art team. There are elements of characters and concepts we know but taken to the next level all backed by the story that is being told both on the drawn pages and through the supplemental pages.

With just two issues the entire world of the X-Men from their past to their future has been altered & shaken up in amazing ways, it’s hard to even imagine where the rest of the 10 issues to go (five of both House of X and Powers of X) can take us. That’s not even thinking about all the books to come after during the Dawn of X era to follow these.

The X-Men are in a great place, and all of us are along for a pretty exciting ride.

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