The Winchester’s final journey is coming as Supernatural will end with season 15

After spending fifteen years in the family business of saving people & hunting things, the Winchesters are ready to hang it all up


Every story eventually has to come to an end. After fifteen years of fighting demons, angels, vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, Wendigos, jumping into alternate dimensions & through time to save the world from various apocalypses, the story of the Winchester brothers is coming to a close.

The CW recently gave a big fifteenth season renewal to their super veteran series (one that started on WB before the channel merged with UPN to become CW) Supernatural, but now the news has emerged it will be the final one. Series stars Jensen Ackles, Jared, Padalecki and Misha Collins took to social media in an emotional video to announce their decision to conclude the series & their character’s stories.

Fifteen seasons is an accomplishment that the majority of shows do not get to accomplish, especially with the propensity for the quick axing of shows that happens with most networks. It’s especially an accomplishment for a genre series as most shows that last that long or longer are soap operas, reality shows, police procedurals, news programs, late night shows or others in a similar vein.

Originally, creator Eric Kripke had planned for the series to wrap with the huge fifth season that featured angels, demons & the Apocalypse brought on by the fighting of Archangel Michael and his brother the fallen angel Lucifer, otherwise known as the devil or satan by others. Instead, the series kept chugging along building a bigger and bigger following even launching a series of conventions based around the show and the world it had built.

With this move, The CW will lose two major veteran shows following the next television season because Arrow will also be wrapping up with a shortened, ten episodes, eighth season.

Currently, season fourteen is moving along and the final season will debut this fall.


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