James Gunn is back, as Disney reportedly rehires the Guardians of the Galaxy director

Eight months after firing the director, Disney & Marvel Studios have made the decision to bring him back into the fold

James GUnn

In the very near future, James Gunn will be writing & directing the latest adventures of a comic book crew of misfits. No, we’re not talking about the upcoming The Suicide Squad film that is a sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad for Warner Bros.’ DC Film slate.

We’re talking about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 03. 

That’s right, Gunn is returning to the Marvel side of things.

According to Deadline, after a couple of months of talks, Disney & Alan Horn have reinstated Gunn to the film that they fired him off of all the way back in July. The Guardians director was quickly fired by Disney last summer after right-wing folks dragged up decade-old tweets made during the director’s edgier period of his career.

Gunn had previously apologized for the tweets when he first worked for Marvel/Disney and did so again when these tweets came to life but Disney still let him go. According to the report, the decision came out of conversations between Disney studio leadership and Marvel Studios following multiple meetings between Horn and Gunn where Horn reportedly reversed course because of Gunn’s public apology and how the director handled the situation.

Namely, he didn’t lash out or bash Disney or anything of the like in the aftermath. He stayed professional and went to find new work, like The Suicide Squad. 

When Gunn was fired his entire cast penned an open letter calling for his reinstatement, Dave Bautista even going so far as to claim he’d find a way out of his contract if it didn’t happen. Also reportedly, in this time they hadn’t really approached anyone else to take on the job after they decided to keep using Gunn’s script even after his firing.

Pre-production on GOTG Vol. 03 had been shuttered for the time being after Gunn’s firing, and it will remain closed down for a bit longer even with the director’s return. Since he signed on board for the DC side of things, Marvel/Disney is reportedly willing to wait till he finishes The Suicide Squad filming then letting him jump aboard their film.

This delay likely won’t hurt much as Marvel Studios has a wealth of characters at this point to fill screens until then, generally pumping out 3 movies a year at this point, and their upcoming phase of films is still a mystery anyways as they wait for Avengers: Endgame to arrive next month.

Now that Gunn is back on board, the director will get to finish out the trilogy he had been working on. A film that will take place after all the things that the Guardians had to deal with in Avengers: Infinity War and whatever happens to them in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame. 

With The Suicide Squad set to arrive in 2021, it seems likely that the next journey for the crew of the Milano will arrive likeliest in 2022.


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