Ezra Miller reportedly working on “darker” Flash film script with Grant Morrison

The Flash actor & directors are said to be at odds over direction, leading to the actor penning his own take for the film.


Once upon a time, Warner Bros. had a mapped out universe of DC films, coined the DC Extended Universe by fans but never officially by WB, that included solo films for heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and more alongside team films such as Justice League.

Over time that plan began to showcase lots of cracks with numerous films including Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League taking beatings at the box office and by critics & audiences alike. Over time while Wonder Woman and Aquaman got their successful films, the other planned films began to slip out of release dates and enter limbo like states of will they, won’t they.

Ezra Miller’s Flash solo film became one of those, losing its 2018 release date a couple of years ago with seemingly little to no actual movement in regards to the film. Till now that is.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in order to try and keep his spot as the fastest man alive on the big screen, Miller is taking a whack at writing the screenplay for the film alongside comic book legendary scribe Grant Morrison, who is more than familiar with the scarlet speedster and DC heroes in general. These reports indicate that there has been potentially a clash of visions behind the scenes leading to the long delay for the film.

Previously the film lost multiple directors and potential directors when Chris Miller & Phil Lord left the film after helping develop it followed by named directors for the film Seth Grahame-Smith & Rick Famuyiwa departing the film a couple of years ago both beause of creative differences. Now the latest directors John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein, who came aboard in January 2018, are said to want a more light-hearted approach (like parts of Aquaman and the upcoming Shazam! as well as Spider-Man: HOmecoming which the duo wrote) while Miller wants to go darker with the film akin to where the DC Film Universe began.

Adding to this is the fact that sources state after raking in the money with the somewhat lighter face of Wonder Woman and Aquaman and Shazam! expected to follow, Warner Bros. understandably favors the lighter-hearted route.

That is what led Miller to partner up with Morrison, with Warner Bros. hiring the two in order to attempt their take on the script. This isn’t generally what happens with films, actors chipping in to write them, but Miller seems determined to prove his vision for the character he’s played twice since 2016.

With the script reportedly set to be turned in very soon, Warner Bros.’ choice could very well determine who will be their Flash going forward if Miller cuts ties over creative differences much like the last couple of directors.





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