King Shark & other DC Characters reportedly will fill out the cast for The Suicide Squad sequel

With Idris Elba in talks to take over Will Smith's Deadshot role, reports are emerging about the rest of his squad

Suicide Squad

It’s out with the old and in with the new (for the most part) for Warner Bros. and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. 

While Will Smith is out as Deadshot but Idris Elba is reportedly in to take over the role, the rest of the squad seems to be in for a makeover outside of the likely possible return of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. According to reports from Collider, there are at least four new characters being considered for the squad with Gunn’s former Guardians of the Galaxy collaborator Dave Bautista is in consideration for one of those roles.

The characters/roles in question are:

King Shark: A fan-favorite, King Shark, aka Nanaue, has been a big part of the Suicide Squad in the comics New 52 and Rebirth eras as well as a member of the sort of similar villain team Secret Six before the comics rebooted. King Shark is a humanoid shark who is said to be the son of the Shark God potentially. The character has appeared numerous times (once this season) on The CW’s The Flash. 

Ratcatcher: In the comics, Otis Flannegan/Ratcatcher is a character that is a Batman enemy that communicate with rats to commit crimes. The film version is reportedly set to be gender-swapped with a woman in the role and the added bit that shes’ a big fan of poisons as well.

Polka-Dot Man: Another Batman villain, the villain also known as Mister Polka Dot had a colorful polka dot costume in the comics but the film version is said to have the dots on his body and he can turn them into fireballs or other weapons, but he is very embarrassed about his awkward powers.

Peacemaker: Christopher Smith is a pretty warped peace agent who has such an extreme view of pacifism that he kills people in order to keep the peace. This former Charlton Comics character is the role that Bautista is reportedly in consideration for. It makes sense that Bautista is ready to make the leap, as he was one of Gunn’s staunchest defenders during the moments where Marvel Studios fired him last summer. The wrestler turned actor was even reportedly willing to break his contract should Disney not hire Gunn back.

There is no word if Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg will return as the leader of the squad or if Viola Davis will play Amanda Waller again as the mastermind behind the squad. It seems likely that she’ll have some role to play, Kinnaman’s Flagg more up in the air, as Waller controlling the squad is a pretty huge part of the premise of the team with them getting perks or time off their sentence should they survive the missions.

Whether these characters of any kind will be in the final film is something we’re certain to learn soon enough, as the film is scheduled for an August 06, 2021 release currently.


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