Gail Simone brings an alien invasion to Lion Forge Comics with Seven Days event

It's possibly the end of the world as they know it for the Catalyst Prime Universe superheroes during this seven issue event

Seven Days

Lion Forge Comics made waves last year during San Diego Comic-Con when they announced that popular creator Gail Simone was joining the company in order to headline the publisher’s superhero focused Catalyst Prime Universe. A lot of what this meant was kept secret, but now the curtain has been pulled back.

Alongside running the universe that has cultural diversity and representation at its heart, reflected in characters and creators, Simone will now be tackling one of the comic stories herself.

As reported by Deadline, Simone along with artists Jose Luis & Jonas Trindade will be behind Seven Days, an event style series that unites the heroes of the Catalyst Prime Universe for seven issues that span seven days in one week, a week that turns out to be the final one for all of humanity. It looks to be that way because an alien invader has arrived and has given the Earth one whole week to get their affairs in order before they are wiped out so that a reptilian race can come in and make the world their own.

“The story of Seven Days is this, in simplest terms: A superior being comes to Earth, and he’s a conqueror and destroyer, but he has one act of mercy in him. He’s going to give the people of Earth seven days to say goodbye to each other and make peace,” Simone said to Deadline. “At first, no one believes him. As it starts to creep in that people have just seven days to live, many can’t handle it. Some go up to the mountains with their family to wait for the end, some start shooting people. But a lot of people start “playing hooky,” the term to mean they stop showing up at work. Or they abandon their families. If you had seven days to live, would you go to work each morning? And the first thing to fall are the borders. No one particularly wants to check passports or run a guardpost when they would rather be partying or being with their loved ones. And we see what happens in a world without borders, where the people are terrified because the end is coming. It’s not utopia.”

After just about 20 years in the comic book world (her 20th anniversary fast approaching), Simone pointed to being a fan and her love of comics and new characters as for why she took the offer from Lion Forge.

“Well, the first thing is, I love new characters. I’m a fan, I read comics, I talk comics, I make comics…it’s almost pathetic how much I enjoy this hobby and industry. And I love shared universes. Being offered the opportunity to jump in and help wrangle a complete universe, that’s just very appealing,” Simone said to Deadline. “But more than that, the more I started to read the characters, the more I learned about the Catalyst Prime Universe, the more I fell in love with it. It’s full of characters like Summit and Noble, who really go right to the heart of why I love superheroes. When I get offered a chance to write new characters, I can’t help but imagine where it all could lead. I try to write the kinds of stories I want to read. And there’s so much out there to explore in the CPU.”

No release date for the event was given.



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