Spider-Ham takes the spotlight with Amazing Spider-Man Annual from Jason Latour, David Lafuente & more

Following his film debut, Peter Porker is headlining a brand new comic book issue

Spider-Ham Featured

After bursting onto the big screen last year alongside Miles Morales & Spider-Gwen among others, the Spectacular Spider-Ham is ready to take the spotlight once more in comic book form.

According to, Spider-Ham, otherwise known as Peter Porker, will headline the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man Annual from with writer Jason Latour and cover artist David Lafuente. Latour confirmed the news with a post of his own on Twitter sharing a fully colored version of the cover by Lafuente and Rico Renzi. There is no word on who will be handling the interior art, coloring, lettering and the rest.


There is also no word on when the issue will debut or the plot. Spider-Ham is surrounded by the anthropomorphic animal versions of his Rogue’s gallery which might give some hint as to what threat the web-swinging pig hero might face.

Debuting in Marvel Tails Starring Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham in 1983, Spider-Ham has had a life at Marvel Comics off and on through the decades including his own solo series at one point. When all Spider-heroes of the multiverse were under attack Spider-Ham encountered various heroes in the event Spider-Verse, and an imagined version of the character recurred in the Latour written Spider-Gwen series.

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