The DC Universe meets zombie apocalypse in this summer’s DCeased miniseries

This summer, rage fills the DC Universe as DC's greatest heroes take on a zombie apocalypse

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There are many things that the heroes of the DC Universe have taken on over the decades, both within the main universe as well as various alternate universes. This summer their newest threat is like something out of a Romero film.

Revealed by IGN, after numerous social media teases for a week, DC Comics is launching a six-issue miniseries known as DCeased by writer Tom Taylor, artists Trevor Hairsine, Stefan Gaudiano, James Harren and Rain Berdo which sees the DC Universe ravaged by a virus straight out of any type of zombie apocalypse story.

In this case, the virus is a techno-organic virus is released by Darkseid, infecting networks and spreading to around 600 million people through their screened devices. Once infected, people try to remove the virus by scratching and ripping at their own flesh but its too late as once the virus takes hold they devolve into rage zombies.

“The idea originated with editor Ben Abernathy. He had an idea to do a horror/zombie tale at DC, and hit me up to ask if I’d like to be involved. At the time I was pretty busy, but over the next few days, my mind was racing,” Taylor said. “I couldn’t stop thinking of new and terrible ways to torture my favorite heroes in ways that made Injustice look tame by comparison.”


Despite being known for his penchant to have a plan for anything, this virus will especially test Batman.

“Batman is definitely usually ready for anything. And this is no different. But Batman’s greatest asset, after his friends and family, is his mind,” Taylor teased. “Without wanting to spoil too much, our virus affects the mind. Can Batman fight something that’s part of him? Or will Bat-god be revealed to be as mortal as the rest of us?”

Much like Taylor’s previous DC work Injusticethis series will be out of continuity from the main DC Universe meaning all bets are off for some beloved DC characters.

“While the characters are the ones everyone knows so well, this is very much its own thing,” Taylor explained. “The reason being, the stakes are real. We can tell a story without holding back. No one you love is safe. Even the icons can fall.”

As the previews show, not even the mighty Darkseid is immune to his virus as he begins to succumb to the rage.


DCeased begins in May.






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