Marvel’s heroes fight back in four new War of the Realms tie-ins

Earth's mighiest rise to the occassion to strike back against the Dark Elf Malekith in new event tie-ins


As the forces of the dark elf Malekith prepare to rain down upon the realm of Midgard/Earth, Marvel Comics continues to grow the amount of tie-in series for the War of the Realms event.

These tie-ins will showcase the Marvel heroes attempts to fight back against and take apart the support foundation that Malekith has built across the other realms. Three of those tie-ins will be one-shots by various creative teams under the banner of War of the Realms Strikeforce while the other newly announced tie-in is a three-issue Giant-Man miniseries from Leah Williams and Marco Castiello.

Check out each of the issues/series below.


WAR OF THE REALMS STRIKEFORCE: THE DARK ELF REALM #1, written by Bryan Hill with art by Leinil Francis Yu, sees the Punisher leading a charge to shut down the Black Bifrost! Deep in the swamps of Svartalfheim stands the Black Bifrost, Malekith’s corrupted Rainbow Bridge and the only reliable means of travel between the realms with the true Bifrost still in pieces. If the gods are going to stop Malekith’s invasion, the Black Bridge must fall. With her son missing and husband injured, Lady Freyja must take up the challenge herself…but she won’t go alone. Jen Walters, the Punisher, Blade, and Ghost Rider follow the All-Mother of Asgard straight into Malekith’s home territory!


Writer Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum and artist Kim Jacinto tell the tale as Carol Danvers leads the fight to reclaim the Earth! But even with a crew of heavy hitters (Weapon H, Captain Britain, Venom, Deadpool) and two of the best spies on the planet (the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow), Carol’s fighting a losing game. Malekith’s allies are without number—and the battlefield is bigger than any Carol’s commanded before. Time to lay it all out on the line—and fight for a miracle.


Writer Tom Taylor and artist Jorge Molina trap the God of Thunder in the land of ice and snow…and it’s up to Captain America to rescue him before all is lost! Taking up Thor’s ax, Jarnbjorn, Cap and his team—Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist—invade the Frost Giant realm in search of their fellow Avenger. But this rescue mission will cost far more than they expect…


Written by Leah Williams with art by Marco Castiello and a cover by Woo Cheol, the three-issue limited series tells the tale of four of the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe coming together for a common—and urgent—cause. At the behest of All-Mother Freyja, these Super Heroes must infiltrate the most savage territory of New Jotunheim: Florida!

The mission to the Frost Giant territory gets even more complicated as the heroes must kill the patriarch of all Frost Giants himself, Ymir. But how exactly will they penetrate Laufey’s forces? By becoming masters of disguise!

All of these stories roll out from Marvel beginning in May.


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