Archie goes from a solo series to a couple series as the series becomes Archie & Sabrina in May

Archie & Sabrina's relations ship goes public as the couple shares a series title this summer

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After getting rebooted in 2015 and then getting a creative change team relaunch & renumbering last year, Archie Andrews’ long-running solo series is getting another change. Beginning with issue #705 in May, Archie will share his title with his newest love.

As announced by Archie Comics, that issue from the creative team of Nick Spencer, Sandy Jarrell, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli will see the series become Archie and Sabrina as Archie and Sabrina Spellman, the teenage witch, will have their new relationship, begun in issue 700, go public.

“The biggest revelation from Nick’s first arc was that Archie and Sabrina were a couple — which got everyone talking and set up a new, wholly original status quo,” said Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura. “But how’d we get there? What are the repercussions? We’ll see that as Sandy and Nick roll out their second arc, and it made sense to have the title reflect that — showcasing two of the company’s biggest characters in one, must-read title.”


No doubt one of the repercussions will center around Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, the two women that Archie has had off and on relationships with over the years of publication including during the recent rebooted years of the series.

Based upon the notion that the Archie/Sabrina story is five issues, it seems that the series will likely revert back to just Archie around issue #710 or so. Playing with dual numbering, with #705 also being issue #1 of the Sabrina/Archie era, is something that Marvel Comics is currently playing with and other publishers have done so in the past too.



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