Get ready to head back to Atlantis as Aquaman gains a sequel

As most expected, Warner Bros. latest DC Film is officially gaining a sequel

Aquaman featured

As if there was any doubt, Warner Bros. is finally officially putting the gears in motion for an Aquaman sequel. As the latest billion dollar hitting superhero film it was only a matter of time before the studio began work to do more with Arthur, Mera, Vulko, Atlantis and the rest.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is set to return to pen a new script after helping co-write the first one. Director James Wan is reportedly in the process of working on a deal to return as producer, as is Peter Sarafan, but there is no word on if Wan would direct again or not.

It seems more than likely that Wan will direct once again after helming such a blockbuster film, but his schedule has been pretty jam-packed in recent years with all the Conjuring related films and producing various television projects. Like Pattie Jenkins after the success of Wonder Woman, Wan and Warner Bros. could be discussing some sort of raise before Wan signs the dotted line for director since the film did so enormously well.

With it’s $1.12 billion global box office, Aquaman marked the first DC film since The Dark Knight to break the billion barrier and alongside Wonder Woman stands as the most overall (both financially and critically) successful of the formerly known as the DCEU films to date. Both films took a lighter and more hopeful and more character appropriate tone which seems to be the message going forward for the WB films, with Shazam, Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 all on the way seemingly set to help keep the success streak going.

Also, it was recently revealed that the film is getting a horror spin-off known as The Trench, focused on the monster-infested deep trench where Mera and Aquaman ended up midway through the first film.


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