The post-apocalyptic story continues as AMC grants The Walking Dead a tenth season

Even with the loss of Rick Grimes, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse will continue their fight in October

TWD 09

Much like the survivors and the lifeless husks that used to be humans, AMC’s The Walking Dead continues trucking forward as it handles yo-yo-ing ratings, major cast losses and multiple time jumps. In not that surprising news, the series has been renewed for a tenth season later this year.

Using a teaser full of the Whisperers, the new villains that actually move about the world encased in the skin of zombies, AMC dropped the news on Twitter.

Per usual, the series will move into a new season in October of this year following the upcoming second half of season nine debuting on February 10.

AMC executives still have massive faith in the series, commenting about how they believed the world could continue for another decade as they have plans for other spinoffs besides Fear the Walking Dead (moving into its fifth season later this spring/summer) and the planned spinoff films starring Rick Grimes (announced after Andrew Lincoln departed the main show late last year during season nine). Whether the main show will stick around that long is hard to say, but it seems that all the plans could at least keep the world going for quite a few years if all things go to plan.

New showrunner Angela Kang seemed quite confident previously that the series would get a tenth season as she mentioned in interviews that there had been conversations with Lauren Cohan about her returning in season ten as Maggie after she departed the season at the midseason nine break. Cohan left the show for the time being because of her upcoming ABC series Whiskey Cavelier. 



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