Warner Bros. & James Gunn are in talks for Gunn to direct The Suicide Squad

James GUnn

Marvel Studios & the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s loss is the Warner Bros. publicly unnamed DC cinematic universe’s gain. In a move that was not that unexpected, former Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn will be directing the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, known as The Suicide Squad, for the distinguished competition, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Previously Gunn had already been tapped to write the script so it likely comes as no surprise that he is now in the director’s chair as well, as he had co-written and written the scripts for the Guardians films for Marvel alongside directing.

Gunn was all set to direct the third Guardian’s film for Marvel before he was quickly fired by Disney last summer after right-wing figures dug up old tweets from Gunn featuring some unsavory and insensitive jokes in 2008/2009. Disney had already known about the tweets as Gunn had apologized for that stage of his career years ago when the studio hired him to work on the Marvel films.

Caving to the tiny amount of pressure from the right wing group, Disney quickly axed the director despite all the film’s actors standing at his side, Dave Bautista even threatening to find a way out of his contract should they not rehire Gunn.

The unnamed Suicide Squad sequel will follow up the David Ayer written and directed 2016 film starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, a film that was financially successful but was derided by critics and fans alike. Gunn’s sequel is said to not be labeled as a direct sequel but more of a relaunch and will drop in August 2021.

Reportedly the new film will go in a different direction from the last one, which saw villainous characters used by the government to take on a magical beam from the sky threatening to destroy the world situation, and feature an all-new cast of characters and actors. Whether that means no one is returning from the last one isn’t clear.


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