The Batman gains summer 2021 release date as Ben Affleck officially departs role

After years of rumors & speculation, Ben Affleck officially departs the DC film universe to make way for a new younger Batman

Affleck Batman

Rumors have been circling the head of both Ben Affleck and Bruce Wayne/Batman almost ever since the actor first played the character in 2016’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. After years of talk of if he will or won’t keep playing the character, including Affleck leaving the film as director and Matt Reeves stepping in, we finally seem to have clear news about the future of DC’s film Batman.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has dated the solo Batman film with Matt Reeves still as writer and director for a June 25, 2021 release date, and Ben Affleck will not be donning the cape and cowl any longer.

For any that worry about continuity since Affleck played an older version of the character for BVS and Justice League, there is no reason to worry. As many suspected this film will tackle the adventures of a younger Batman filling in the gaps we didn’t see of the Batman of this film universe.

While this is the past and doesn’t really affect the films set in the present day, this pretty much serves as a final confirmation that Affleck isn’t going to be involved with these films any longer as it seems doubtful that WB would want two versions of Batman running around at the same time in their films.

The actor even re-tweeted out the news about this new Batman actor hunt:

It’s not like Affleck is hurting for work though, as the actor/director has a busy plate of films ahead including other work for Warner. Bros. in the form of Gavin O’Connor’s Torrance.

There were rumors previously that Reeves had plans for a trilogy of films with the Batman, but that hasn’t been confirmed either.