Marvel Studios reportedly is developing a Shang-Chi franchise with writer David Callum on board

Shang-Chi would be the first Asian protagonist of a Marvel film, reportedly set to follow the model of Black Panther


While eyes are on the horizon waiting for March’s Captain Marvel Avengers 4 (with both of the films set to get trailers this week), there is a lot of interest in just where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to go post this upcoming Avengers film. There are a lot of questions still about what characters will remain, who is getting films, and when.

A new name has entered the conversation, Shang-Chi.

According to Deadline, Marvel Studios is fast-tracking a movie series franchise centered around the master of martial arts Shang-Chi, which would be their first superhero film/series focused on an Asian hero/character. Reportedly Chinese-American writer Dave Callaham, who has worked on Wonder Woman 1984 among other films, is set to write the screenplay with the studio seeking an Asian or Asian-American director to handle the film.

This year brought the first African & African American focused film with a basically all-black cast, a black director with Ryan Coogler and a black writer with Coogler and Joe Robert Cole. Black Panther dominated on a global level, proving that audiences are ready for more and more diverse heroes.

While Shang-Chi has a long Marvel history, he’s not often been a major character as he tends to fill more of a supporting or team member role rather than a leading character but that’s not that big of a deal now. Marvel has proven over a decade that they can take characters from Iron Man to Rocket Raccoon & Groot and take them to a level where audiences not only care for them but clamor for more stories with them.

Shang-Chi would potentially join Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and some others that are rumored or confirmed to have first films or sequels in the works in the post-Avengers 4 world.


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