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Barry Allen becomes the Green Arrow & Supergirl is behind bars in the latest Elseworlds’ event teasers

The Arrowverse continues to be flipped upside down as the heroes find themselves in strange new situations ahead of the upcoming crossover event

Arrow Flash Elseworlds FEatured

The CW’s “Elseworlds” crossover is only a few weeks away, and every teaser continues to show how turned upside the world is about to become for the heroes of the Arrowverse. Following a teaser that showed Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen waking up in a world where he is Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash, two new teasers have arrived over the past few days focusing on Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen turned Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers/Supergirl.

First Barry finds himself facing off against John “Dig” Diggle (David Ramsey) in an ARGUS training facility before coming to the realization that he’s not the person he thinks he is.

Kara is in a far worse place, as she appears in one of the Pipeline cells of a different version of STAR Labs, a far different version of her usual sister Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh), seemingly as one of her jailers.

Elseworlds reportedly finds Supergirl, Flash, Green Arrow and company descending upon Gotham City where they meet Batwoman (Ruby Rose) and take on the Arkham Asylum physician Dr. John Deegan (Jeremy Davies). Somewhere along the way the world changes or alternate universes come into play based upon the teasers as well as teaser images featuring Barry and Oliver switching roles along with John Wesley Shipp donning the costume from his old 90’s Flash series.

Tyler Hoechlin makes his big return as Clark Kent/Superman (including what seems to be a dark black suited version of the character), Elizabeth Tulloch and Cassandra Jean Amell debut as Lois Lane and Nora Fries (wife of villain Mister Freeze) respectively, Ruby Rose makes her debut as Kate Kane/Batwoman and LaMonica Garrett stars as the multiversal villain known as the Monitor.

There is a flipping of the schedule for the event as it begins with The Flash on Sunday, December 09 before moving onto Arrow on Monday, December 10 then wrap up on Tuesday, December 11 with Supergirl. 


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