Marvel reveals the covers for their weekly Daredevil series The Man Without Fear

A city & others mourn the loss of the Hells Kitchen hero following the Death of Daredevil storyline

Man Without Fear 01 Featured

Death is looming on the horizon for Daredevil this fall, but that won’t be the end of the story surrounding Hell’s Kitchen’s hero without fear. Beginning in January Jed MacKay and Danilo Beyruth will begin a journey in the weekly five-issue The Man Without Fear miniseries that will take a look at how the city and the people that knew him deal with the loss of their hero and friend.

Ahead of the series debut next year, Marvel Comics has debuted a first look at five issue covers for the series from artist Kyle Hotz.

Man Without Fear 01Man Without Fear 02Man Without Fear 03Man Without Fear 04Man Without Fear 05

This isn’t the first time that those that love Matt Murdock have had to deal with the belief that he perished as in 2010 Marvel followed up their Shadowland event, which focused on Matt descending into some dark places, with a Daredevil Rebirth miniseries which dealt with the heroes believed death and where he went next.

Whether Matt/Daredevil actually dies or not is unknown, as the storyline currently running, Death of Daredevil, is the final arc of writer Charles Soule’s run on the current Daredevil series that launched in 2015.

The Man Without Fear launches on January 02.


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