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The beloved Batman: The Animated Series gets its own Honest Trailer

From the style of Bruce Wayne to the iconic portrayal of the Joker, the fan-favorite series gets the honest treatment


An iconic part of many childhoods, the 1992 launching Batman: The Animated Series is one of the most beloved and cherished depictions of the dark knight and company outside of comic books. That doesn’t mean it’s immune to the pokes and jests of the Screen Junkies crew.

Alongside the release of the deluxe limited edition box set of the series, Screen Junkies has taken on the series for the latest entry in their Honest Trailers series. While they take jabs at the fashion sense & amazing litany of skills of the Kevin Conroy voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman, the trailer also makes sure to talk about how the series gave the world some of the most iconic takes on Batman-related characters especially the Mark Hamill voiced Joker, still regarded as one of the best versions of the clown prince of crime by many.

Batman: The Complete Animated Series Deluxe Limited Edition is now on sale, going for $112.99. The series is also available to stream on Warner Bros.’ DC Universe streaming platform. 


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