Gerard Way announces new co-writer & eventual return of Doom Patrol series

Young Animal as an imprint has come to a conclusion & is on hold but the flagship title will gain some new life very soon

Doom Patrol

After gaining a bit of a revamp with a cosmic bent to kick off the year, DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint wrapped up back in August bringing almost all the current titles to an end. The only title still going is the flagship Doom Patrol and as the 12th issue has finally hit stands, writer (and guiding hand behind the imprint) Gerard Way has shed some light on the series future through Instagram. 

Way wrote: “While we close the chapter on the first big 12 issue arc of Doom Patrol. We will return with an all new vibe. Working away on it as we speak. Stay tuned.”

While the main imprint doesn’t seem to show any signs of coming back anytime soon, a few new imprints including the Brian Michael Bendis run Wonder Imprint are popping up soon, it seems that Doom Patrol will continue in some capacity.

In August the titles Mother Panic: Gotham A.D., Shade the Changing Woman, Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye and the mini-series Eternity Girl all wrapped up and at the time Way said: “this is not the end of Young Animal. We’ll have more to news to share when we come back with Doom Patrol. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of these amazing series.”

Along with assuring that the series is continuing in some form, Way also shared that writer Jeremey Lambert has joined the creative team as co-writer going forward. Despite all the time that has passed since the imprint’s Milk Wars event that brought in some man DC Universe characters, Doom Patrol #12 officially brings the title up to the time right before that event began.



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