Gotham’s fifth and final season gains two more episodes & a premiere date

There is a little more room to tell the final Gotham storyline as the series prepares for it's final run beginning in January

Gotham Season 5

Captain James Gordon, Detective Harvey Bullock, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Alfred Pennyworth, Leslie Thompkins, Oswald Cobblepot, Edward Nygma and more will return to Television screens one final time (these versions of them at least) in 2019 as Fox’s Gotham prepares to bow out for a fifth and final season. There was a lot of rumors and confusion about when that season would happen, but now a firm date has been announced.

On Twitter, the series announced that it will begin a shorter (originally ten but now reportedly twelve episodes according to on January 3, 2019, as the series returns to Thursday nights.

Gotham City lies in ruins in the final season, taking cues from the 1999 comic storyline “No Man’s Land,” and new villains including Bane (Shane West) will appear as Gordon and company try to wrest back control of their city from the villains that have carved it up. Reportedly there could even be a time jump that will see the young version of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) at last become an adult and become Batman.

Just as this series is on the way out the city of Gotham likely isn’t going anywhere as the Ruby Rose led Batwoman series from The CW could see a debut as early as next fall if the network decides to greenlight it (depending on the upcoming crossover and development plans afterward).

Gotham returns for the last time this January.


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