X-Force gains some shiny new outfits ahead of their December series relaunch

As they begin a quest for vengeance, the original members of X-Force don some matching outfits

X-Force 01 Featured

With their former mentor slain by his a familiar face, a bunch of the original members of the 90s X-Force team are returning to their own title. As part of their return, their getting some brand new matching uniforms.

Artist Dylan Burnett shared his designs for the new uniforms on Twitter, with Domino, Cannonball, Shatterstar, and Warpath modeling the new team look. All the uniforms feature a black, gray, white and orange color scheme but are also customized for each of the team members with even Kid Cable (the version that killed his older self and the quarry of the reunited team) and Deathlok wearing similar versions despite starting the series off as antagonists.

X-Force reunites after the events of the current original X-Men focused event story Extermination. In the story, the young Cable (from an altered future timeline) has been trying to return the original five to the past and in the process killed the original version of Cable and now the old members of X-Force who were friends and students of the old Cable are out for revenge but seemingly will have to join forces instead.

Written by Ed Brisson with art by Brunett, X-Force debuts in December.


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