Gotham writer shares first full look at Shane West as the villain Bane

One of Batman's biggest and deadliest foes is ready to make his Gotham debut when the prequel series returns & ends in 2019

Gotham Season 5

In four seasons on the air, Fox’s Gotham has pulled far and wide through the archives of the rogues of Batman. As the city lies in ruins and those villains run rampant for the upcoming fifth and final season, they saved one of the biggest for last.

A lot of talk has been going around since the series cast Shane West to play the character Eduardo Dorrance, who shares a surname with Sir Edmund Dorrance the villian known as King Snake who is also in the comics father to Bane. Much of the aforementioned talk was that Shane as Eduardo would be actually Bane and now there is a first look at him in the full costume.

Gotham writer Tze Chun shared the image on Twitter, with West fully in costume including a device strapped to his chest that could be where the drug Venom, which powers Bane, could be drawn from as well as a mask upon his face that is very reminiscent of the version worn by Tom Hardy as the character in Dark Knight Rises. 

West has a recurring role for the fifth season, which only has ten episodes, and the original release about the character said that he is an old Army buddy of Captain James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and brings an elite team of soldiers to Gotham under the pretense of helping Gordon restore order to the devastated city until it’s revealed he has far darker actual intentions for the city.

Gotham returns to Fox in March.


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