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Geek Watch – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×01 “The Virgin Gary” Review

The Legends are back and just as crazy awesome as always, taking on a magical hippie hunting unicorn, business as usual

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x01

When one saves all of time from a demon by joining with their team to become the cuddly lord and savior known as Beebo, it seems like a vacation would be very deserved. Too bad for the Legends that their heroic actions have broken things once more and magical time fugitives are on the loose. The CW’s most fun superhero show returns and once again proves why it is, in my humble opinion, tied with Black Lightning for the best of the Arrowverse related shows on the network. Giant Beebo saving everything wasn’t the peak of just how crazy this show can get. A magical murderous unicorn going wild with impalings during Woodstock, leading a change in history called the Woodstock Massacre, is just the perfect amount of crazy to start off a season.

Right off the bat, the meta humor and brushing at breaking the fourth wall that the gang expresses as they bemoan doing the same thing as they did last year (stopping an anachronism of Paul Revere showing up during the ‘British Invasion’ of the Beatles) and their ‘ratings’ and dedicated fans was pretty clever. That’s the self-referential humor that makes the show sing at times. They do not take themselves too seriously, though why the show has become so fun. It knows what it is and just runs with it, like Nate becoming the new Paul Revere for the moment to make sure history goes as it should. Having the Time Bureau as a friend rather than a thorn in their side is a great change, it lightens the mood and even the celebration of the team finishing up the last anachronism (therefore fixing the time that they broke as Nate points out) is a nice moment between the two groups.

Constantine, the bearer of dark news per usual, already adds a new dimension to the series as one would hope. Matt Ryan just plays the character so perfectly and adds a ton to any scene that he appears in. The lone wolf that refuses to really be part of a team, because he believes himself all dark and damaged and such. Bouncing him off Sara, who used to be in the dark spots that Constantine finds himself is a smart move. It brings conflicts for Sara just as she’s trying to finally get her life together including being in a committed relationship with Ava Sharpe, including getting an apartment together. All the magical adventures are sure to turn that all upside down. As Constantine mentions, he and Sara have a lot in common. He might have said no to the team, but that definitely will change soon.

Speaking of domestic relationship stuff, Nate was a fantastic addition to the show but honestly, the storylines with Amaya just weighed the character down especially last season when it was the whole ‘will they, won’t they, will she go back to her time’ sort of thing. With her gone, he’s a lost soul and the meeting of his parents (Tom Wilson playing a pretty great fatherly foil for him as Henry ‘Hank’ Heywood) provides the way to put him on a hopefully far more interesting path. Bouncing him off Mick, who gives no cares about his whining about an emotionally distant father was nice. The two don’t get much time to interact and they were a great pair. Especially when they were tripping out, Nat seeing his father and Mick seeing his dead rat friend Axel. They both got their I love yous but perhaps not from the right people they wanted.

Thank goodness Sara didn’t give into the darkness and keep a secret from Ava about the Mallus breaking the dimensional barrier thing again. All of these characters have really grown over the last few years, While they still get up to crazy things and make a lot of mistakes, they are stronger and more than they were in the past. They might have been discarded people that the world would not miss when Rip Hunter first tricked them into becoming Legends, but they are far past that now. They truly are legends, and the world, no the universe/dimension/time, needs them.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x01 Gary

Final Thoughts

What makes each of these shows works are those character moments, where the heroes talk or get to have revelation moments bouncing off one another. All the crazy magical time stuff is great, I mean they stole a joint from Jerry Garcia and met Janis Joplin and banished a Unicorn back to an alternate universe, but seeing the characters function as the dysfunctional family is always the best aspect the last few seasons. Poor Gary though, the virgin that lost a nipple to a unicorn. Mixing things up, no longer on the hunt for historical figures of truth but instead all the fairy tales and magical things both thought to be cute and dangerous will make the season even more interesting. Especially since the ending reveals that there is some new mystery evil that is after Constantine and probably others.

Score: 10 out of 10


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