Shawna & Julie Benson announce a break from comics after DC’s sudden end of their Green Arrow run

Much like Benjamin Percy on Nightwing, the Benson sisters have found themselves abrubtly removed from Green Arrow after five issues

Green Arrow 45

Just over a month since the last abrupt removal of a writer from one of their titles, DC Comics has ended up in the comic news cycle once more for the same thing. Much like the sudden end of Benjamin Percy’s run on Nightwing, the Green Arrow run of the sister writing duo of Shawna and Julie Benson has come to an end.

Their names were missing from the recent January 2019 solicitations for the title and the duo confirmed it through Facebook that they are off the title despite having plenty more ideas for Oliver Queen and company. Writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing will be taking over the title alongside Javier Fernandez who will remain as the artist, the duo having written some Green Arrow issues before the sisters took over following Percy’s long run on the archer series.

They began their run with issue #43 and it comes to an end with the upcoming issue #47, and now are stating they are taking a break from comics in the aftermath.

As some of you have seen in the January 2019 comic solicitations, Shawna Benson and I are no longer writing a title for DC Comics. We’re sad to see our run on Green Arrow come to an end but are honored to have had the opportunity to write for this amazing legacy character.

Very few women have written for Oliver Queen in his ongoing book, so we are very proud to be in their ranks for our brief 5-issue run, which ends in December with issue 47.

We had many more stories about Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Kate Spencer we were hoping to tell, but DC decided we were not the right fit for the book and informed us that they were going in another creative direction.

We wish Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly the best on their run and have much love and appreciation for Javier Fernandez who continues to be one of the best artists in the business.

Thank you to everyone who has read and appreciated our work, particularly the recent gut-wrenching issue 45. We are very proud of that book and on our entire runs of Green Arrow and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey for DC Comics.

We are focusing on our TV projects at this time and hope someday we can find the heart and opportunity to write comics again.

As previously mentioned this is the second time in a month that DC has decided to remove writers amidst the stories they were telling to put on other writers from the publisher’s roster of creators. They aren’t alone though, as Marvel has also had some issues including the recent out of nowhere canceling of Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan, and Aud Koch’s Vision miniseries despite four issues already being turned in already.

Both publishers have kept these sort of things on the down low, the writers themselves being the ones to break the news to the public. While projects get canceled all the time in the entertainment world, the seemingly quiet and almost sneaky way that Marvel and DC have gone about it is what stands out more to people as both companies PR in these cases is somewhat lacking.


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