Barry Allen & Oliver Queen switch roles in the latest poster for The CW’s Elseworlds crossover

The CW's latest poster seemingly confirms that alternate universes are in play for The CW's new crossover event this December

Arrow Flash Elseworlds FEatured

If the DC Comics related alternate universe story imprint title wasn’t enough to prove that universal boundaries will be crossed in The CW’s upcoming annual crossover event, the latest Elseworlds poster offers the full proof. Shared by Green Arrow/Oliver Queen himself Stephen Amell on Twitter, the new poster features Oliver Queen suited up as the Flash and Barry Allen as the Green Arrow.

So not only do we get Batwoman, Gotham City, Nora Freeze (wife of Mr. Freeze), Lois Lane and the return of Superman but we also get alternate switched powerset versions of Flash and Arrow.

Arrow Flash Elseworlds

Previously we got to see Tyler Hoechlin on set clad in the black version of Superman’s costume, which very much now could be an alternate version of Superman too. Whether Batwoman and Gotham are in an alternate world from Earth 1 and Earth 38 (Supergirl’s world) along with any other characters is unclear.

Last year we got Nazi doppelgangers of the heroes, but this time we’re seemingly getting heroic doppelgangers which is a nice change. So far The Flash‘s Harrison Welles is the main person that we get to see lots of alternate universe versions, previously we did see the Earth 2 versions of the Flash team back in season two.

The title of Elseworlds calls back to the DC Comice line that told stories set in alternate universes, and it’s not clear if Earth 1 of Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow and Earth 38 of Supergirl will be the only Earths in the crossover which is set to introduce Batwoman/Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) and Gotham City as well as Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Nora Freeze (Cassandra Jean Amell). It’s entirely possible that any of these characters could be from other Earths and/or versions of characters we know could be coming from other worlds.

There is a flipping of the schedule for the event as it begins with The Flash on Sunday, December 09 before moving onto Arrow on Monday, December 10 then wrap up on Tuesday, December 11 with Supergirl. 


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