Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy relaunch adds three more cosmic heavy-hitters to the roster

Nova, Phyla-Vell and Darkhwak join an already heavily stacked team of cosmic characters for the 2019 reboot.

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Marvel Comics teaser rollout for the Donny Cates & Geoff Shaw led Guardians of the Galaxy comic book relaunch in 2019 continues. Previously the alternate future Frank Castle/Cosmic Ghost Rider, Beta Ray Bill, Moondragon and the Shi’ar Magestrix Gladiator were revealed to be part of the new cosmic team line-up.

Now they are joined by three more familiar cosmic Marvel faces.

Shared on Twitter, the latest teaser adds the Richard Rider version of Nova, his fellow former teenage hero Darkhawk as well as former Captain Marvel & Quasar Phyla-Vell who is the daughter of the original Captain Marvel Mar-Vell. All of these characters have played some recent part in the cosmic goings-on showcased in Infinity Countdown Infinity Wars as well as all the tie-ins.

Guardians Promo 03

“My first job at Marvel, with ‘Thanos Wins’, was inspired by the work of my hero, one of the greatest cosmic storytellers ever, Jim Starlin. So being able to tell that Thanos story was a dream come true,” Cates said previously about the series. “And now that Thanos has died in the pages of Infinity Wars, my best friend Geoff Shaw and I could not turn down the opportunity to tell a story set during the fallout of the Mad Titan’s death.”

The universe is on fire. Hundreds of worlds are at war. Never has there been such hatred and division across the cosmos. And in spite of all this, Thanos of Titan is still dead…or is he? Now, more than ever, the cosmos needs the Guardians of the Galaxy…but in the aftermath of the Infinity Wars, who is left to answer the call? Featuring every cosmic Super Hero in the known universe, a new adventure is set to begin.

Clearly, there are still numerous characters on the roster to reveal, as there are still quite a number of silhouettes remaining. Keep an eye out for some more Marvel teasers to come. Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in 2019.