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Darkness falls in the first teaser for Gotham’s fifth and final season

The end is coming for the pre-Batman series as Gotham City crumbles and it's heroes and villains fight to retain their pieces

Gotham Season 5

Despite being held back till closer to the end of the regular season schedule in 2019, Warner Bros. is making sure they keep the upcoming fifth and final season of Gotham in the minds of its fans. A brand new teaser has dropped during New York Comic Con, that is mostly season four recap but around the 2:35 marker the glimpses of the final season begin.

Gotham City has fallen and is cut off from the world, much like the Batman-family centric DC Comics event “No Mans Land” from the late 90s/early 2000s, and it’s every last character for themselves in the glimpses we do see.

A DC Comics event back in 1999, No Man’s Land saw the federal government seal off and abandon Gotham City (keeping anyone from leaving or entering) following a cataclysmic earthquake that devastated the city. Just like with Gotham, the villains that usually plagued the city took over portions of the city as their domains leaving the people still in Gotham at their mercy. While the comic had Batman to come in and still protect them eventually, the citizens of Gotham in the show will have to rely on the small police force behind Captain James Gordon as well as a young Bruce Wayne that is very close to finally becoming Batman.

As this is the final season, reportedly there might even be a time jump at some point that will see David Mazouz’s Bruce grow up enough to become the hero he’s meant to be.

Gotham returns for its final season in 2019.


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