To celebrate 80 years Marvel Comics relaunches Marvel Comics Presents anthology & a new series for WWII heroes The Invaders

Marvel's former anthology series returns alongside the latest series for their Captain America, Bucky, & Namor starring superteam

Marvel Comics Presents Featured

Everything old is new once more as Marvel Comics celebrates their 80th anniversary (including their time as Atlas Comics) with some returning series from the past.

During New York Comic Con the publisher announced the return of their old anthology series Marvel Comics Presents and one of their original superteams The Invadersboth titles arriving in 2019.

Marvel's Invaders

In January, writer Chip Zdarsky and penciler Carlos Magno alongside cover artist Butch Guice and variant cover artists Mico Suayan and Alex Ross will bring to life the new incarnation of the Invaders. Originally the WWII team was made up of Captain America, Bucky Barnes, the Human Torch (John Hammond), his sidekick Toro and Namor the Submariner. In 2019 though Captain America and Bucky as the Winter Soldier will team-up with Johnny Storm as they must face off against Namor as the Sub-Mariner has ended up as an antagonist to the Marvel Universe once more.

Marvel Comics Presents

Marvel Comics Presents will launch in January as well with stories from Charles Soule, Greg Pak, Ann Nocenti, Tomm Coker, Paulo Siqueira and more. The anthology series will kick off with three stories that celebrate the first decade of Marvel with a story of Wolverine in the 1940s, a WWII Captain America story and a story about Namor and the atom bomb.

Both series kick off the 80th-anniversary celebration and are likely just the first of many other announcements to come.


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