Two iconic Archie characters collide & two others get a dark makeover as the publisher announces two new horror comics

Cheryl & Jason Blossom go Anti-Christ as werewolf Jughead & vampire Veronica clash in the new Archie horror books

JugheadTheHungerVsVampironica_01_CoverA_Kennedys Featured

As Chilling Adventures of Sabrina prepares to make a debut on Netflix later this month, Archie Comics continues to grow the horror comic line that the series grew out of. The year 2019 will bring two new miniseries in the horror vein, as announced by the publisher through Nerdist. 

January 2019 brings the five-issue miniseries Blossom 666 from Cullen Bunn, Laura Braga and Matt Herms focused on the twins Cheryl and Jason Blossom. While the teens still appear to the be the wealthy and popular teens they usually are in Archie Comics, this series comes with a  twist as one of them has the dark secret of being the Anti-Christ. Thing is they don’t know which one of them is the Anti-Christ, but they both want the title and Riverdale is caught up in the darkness that ensues.


“This story focuses on two of my favorite characters—the Blossom Twins—and puts them in a story of very, very dark horror/comedy,” Bunn said. “Cheryl and Jason have always been troublemakers…One part The Omen, one part Cruel Intentions, all Archie! I think fans of the comics, fans of Riverdale, and fans of demonic horror in general are going to love this!”

Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura said in a statement, “Cullen really blew us away with his Omen-esque version of the twins. It’s dark, psychological horror at its finest, perfectly rendered by the amazing Laura Braga, who did an amazing job on the recent Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica crossover with DC.”


While that series is a brand new story, the second announced miniseries crashes the worlds of two of the current horror series together. Jughead: The Hunger and Vampironica come together as the two monstrous Archie characters battle one another in Jughead: The Hunger vs Vampironica from the Hunger creative team of Frank Tieri, Pat & Tim Kennedy.

“In the world of Jughead: The Hunger, vampires do not exist, having been wiped out by the werewolves,” Tieri said. “In the world of Vampironica, it’s the opposite…there are no werewolves, as vampires reign supreme. So what do you think will happen when these two worlds collide? All. HELL. Breaks. Loose. (Maybe quite literally!).”

This series does not have a release date yet but is expected sometime in the first half of 2019.