Carol Danvers soars once more as Captain Marvel gains a brand new series

After some space adventures & a few shorter series, Captain Marvel is back to save Earth in a new ongoing series

Captain Marvel Cover Featured

Just in time for her big screen debut, Carol Danvers the powerful and heroic Captain Marvel is flying into her very own comic series once again. This new series comes right on the heels of the current The Life of Captain Marvel miniseries which has been redefining Carol’s origin story.

Beginning in January, the new series from writer Kelly Thompson, artist Carmen Carnero, and colorist Tamra Bonvillain returns Carol’s focus to Earth after numerous space focused adventures as of late, according to the New York Times. It brings a renewed focus to Carol as one of the big Marvel heroes just as new audiences will find the character in Marvel Studio’s March launching Captain Marvel film.

“You really want her to be accessible to new and younger audiences who are going to see the movie, fall in love and want to seek out other Captain Marvel stories,” Thompson said. “But you really want to respect the fans who have loved the character for decades. I think there’s a razor’s edge there.”

Captain Marvel Cover

Carol will come back together with her best friend Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman and also reconnect with many of her allies and along the way, she might even find some sparks with someone.

“There will definitely be some romance and it may be someone we all know and have seen before in Marvel Comics,” Thompson said.

Back in 2012, Carol got a promotion thanks to Kelly Thompson, Jamie McKelvie, and others as she officially donned the Captain Marvel name instead of Ms. Marvel and gained a brand new costume which will appear in the film as well. That costume has become almost iconic on its own already in just the last few years and will maintain into the new series with a few tweaks (including seemingly some different boots and some pouches)


“This first arc has some female guest stars in an unexpected way,” Thompson said. “[The first issue also includes some] costume weirdness. It’s a little bit of a risk, but I think people are going to respond to it.”

Captain Marvel launches in January.




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