AMC debuts the opening minutes of The Walking Dead’s season nine premiere

The countdown to Rick Grimes departure begins as AMC gives a sneak peek at the season that begins later this week.


With just less than a week left till The Walking Dead returns for season nine and the final episodes of Andrew Lincoln’s series lead Rick Grimes, AMC has given eager audiences a taste of what is to come. The network has released the opening five minutes of the season nine premiere, which leaps forward in time following the end of the war with Negan that took over season eight.

Reports of Lincoln’s departure arrived shortly after the series wrapped season eight earlier this year, and he confirmed his exit during San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Grimes stated a desire to spend more time with his family, rather than being away for most of the year on set filming, as the reason for stepping away from the popular zombie series.

How Rick will depart the series, whether he’ll die or they’ll find a way to write him off into the sunset for a possible future return, is uncertain.

At the same time Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee is also set to star in a few episodes as following some uncertainty with contract negotiations, she snagged a series (Whiskey Cavalierwith ABC so she’s only back for a handful of episodes of season nine. Though there are reports that the series could have plans for her in season ten, meaning Maggie’s departure is more of a just not focusing on her for half the season sort of thing rather than leaving like Rick.

The Walking Dead season nine begins on October 07.


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