Kathleen Kennedy will continue to lead the way for Lucasfilm after a three-year contract renewal

As Lucasfilm Presidnet, Kennedy helped spearhead the revival of Star Wars that has brought Disney billions.

Star Wars

Despite all the swirling rumors online, mostly held up by those angry with Star Wars: The Last JediKathleen Kennedy’s time leading Lucasfilm is far from over.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kennedy has reached a deal with the studio that extends her contract with them for another three years which takes her all the way through 2021 as President of the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and other properties holding studio.

Most of the aforementioned rumors began to pop up after the less than stellar box office returns for Solo: A Star Wars Story and while the numbers were down and there was behind the scenes drama, Kennedy’s tenure has been more than successful. So far all of the other Star Wars related films released under her watch since Disney revived the franchise has made over $4.5 billion worldwide at the box office which has easily made back and surpassed the $4 billion that Disney spent to gain the company from George Lucas in 2012.

Also, that’s just the films. Lucasfilm also has their hands in the in canon books and TV shows and comics and merchandise that is tied to this new world of Star Wars, which has made the house of mouse even more billions that have surely bolstered their good feelings about the property and anyone behind it.

It is true though that after Solo the studio will slow down on the making of films, as Disney CEO confirmed this as of late in an interview where he revealed that he was one person that pushed for more frequent releases but now alongside others realized that they might have pushed out too much too quickly. At the same time, the franchise is still expanding elsewhere as mentioned above including the upcoming Lucasfilm’ Jon Favreau led Star Wars series that will be an anchor on the upcoming Disney streaming platform.

On the film side thought they still have the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars: Episode IX conclusion to the current trilogy, a Rian Johnson led trilogy focused on non-Skywalker saga new characters, as well as numerous other potential anthology films and something from the minds behind HBO’s Game of Thrones. The supply of Star Wars related material isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and neither are those like Kennedy that are leading the journey.





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