Fox reportedly changes dates for Dark Phoenix, Gambit & more as they add a new Deadpool release

A game of musical chairs has reportedly begun with several of 20th Century Fox's superhero & manga inspired films

Dark Phoenix Poster Featured

Just barely two days after 20th Century Fox dropped the trailer for Dark Phoenix, which is very likely the last X-Men film that Fox will release with Disney buying them up, which bears the release date of February 14, 2019, the studio has reportedly changed the release date.

According to Deadline, the pushing back (for the second time) of Dark Phoneix is just one part of a shuffling of release dates for the studio. The X-Men is leaping to June 07, 2019 after previously being set to release in November this year before getting pushed back to February for reshoots. Reportedly the reasoning is tied to trying to gain a bigger opening in China after the trailer got 44 million views in 24 hours just in China alone, a summer release is thought to give it a better chance at the international box office numbers.

Also the long in development (after losing numerous directors) Channing Tatum starring Gambit is playing musical chairs once more as it was bumped out of the June 07 slot by Dark Phoenix and is now set for a potential March 13, 2020 date.

Alongside all of this the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel film adaptation is being pushed out of it’s December 21 release this year to take on the February 14, 2019 date to line up with Chinese New Years. This also moves the film away from possible heavy competition in Aquaman, Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse and Bumblebee. 

In its place for December Fox has listed an untitled Deadpool film which is reportedly going to be a PG-13 version of this year’s Deadpool 2.

This makes sense because it’s very unlikely that Fox somehow secretly filmed a new Deadpool film in such short notice and with Disney buying up Fox this could be a test to see if a slightly toned down version of Deadpool can still be very successful since Disney is very much not into R-Rated things. Though they have in the past owned studios, such as Miramax, that were able to put out R-Rated films that were not attached to the Disney Brand and based on numerous reports 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight and the like will still be able to put out higher rated films since they will be under the Disney umbrella but not Disney Disney.


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