The CW’s 2018 Arrowverse crossover gains a familiar DC Comics related name

The CW turns to a former line of DC Comic books for the title of their latest crossover featuring Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & more

The CW Crossover Featured

The CW’s annual superhero crossover entry for 2018 finally has a title, and it’s one that will be very familiar to DC Comics fans. Shared through social media, a new image reveals that the crossover will be known as “Elseworlds” which was the logo and title for a line of comics that spun DC Comics characters into alternate reality stories including such iconic stories as Kingdom Come, Superman: Red Son, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and so many more.

Already the title fits for the fact that Supergirl, along with Superman & Lois Lane and others, will take part in the crossover and comes from Earth 38 while Green Arrow and Flash and all their allies are from Earth 1. It does beg the question if Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane/Batwoman, making her debut in the event, is also potentially from another Earth which would explain why Arkham Asylum and some of the villains that might appear from there in the event haven’t been mentioned before in Arrowverse history.

The CW Eleseworlds

There is a flipping of the schedule for the event as it begins with The Flash on Sunday, December 09 before moving onto Arrow on Monday, December 10 then wrap up on Tuesday, December 11 with Supergirl. 

The Flash returns on Tuesday, October 09, Supergirl on Sunday, October 14 and Arrow on Monday, October 15.


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