Scarlet Witch, Loki, and others MCU heroes reportedly set to gain limited series on Disney’s streaming platform

With only so much space to explore on the big screen, Marvel could be brinigng some popular characters to your smaller screens


Some very familiar Marvel Cinematic Universe faces could be coming to your television, phone, tablet or other small screens very soon.

According to Variety, Disney is planning on bringing some MCU characters to their upcoming Disney Play streaming service. This is reportedly a situation that is in early development but could see a number of limited series (somewhere around six to eight episodes) focused on popular characters including Loki, Scarlet Witch and various other heroes/villains/etc that have yet to (and likely won’t) get their own solo films.

Unlike the other Marvel shows through Netflix or ABC, these shows would feature the same big screen actors like Tom Hiddleston & Elizabeth Olsen among other within the shows which of course means the budgets will be much much higher than normal shows and might even rival some big screen major studio productions.

Marvel Studios and its head Kevin Feige will reportedly handle these shows, unlike the other shows that are in the Marvel TV stable. Big time heroes that are getting their own films or already have their own film series are long-shots for ever getting some of these limited series since they already have the spotlight.

Disney has a lot riding on their streaming platform, the creation of it leading to them bringing a big deal with Netflix to an end next year. The streaming platform battlefield has grown greatly lately with Warner Bros./DC Entertainment, CBS and others all throwing their hat into the ring alongside veterans Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Already Disney has plans to debut many major films on the platform including the live-action adaptation of Lady and the Tramp as well as various shows like a Jon Favreau Star Wars series and a High School Musical series. This platform is expected to launch in late 2019.


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