Marvel’s Fantastic Four #4 variant cover debuts the family’s brand new headquarters

With the Baxter Building sold off, Marvel's First Family has a new place to call home in a vary familiar location


Back in August, after many years seperated and gone as a team, the Fantastic Four finally returned to their own monthly comic series and began to path to bring Marvel’s first family together once more. While they may be back, not everything will be the same for the team.

Marvel has revealed a variant cover to Fantastic Four #4 by Tony Stark: Iron Man artist Valerio Schiti that debuts the brand new Fantastic Four headquarters. With a new group known as the Fantastix taking over the Baxter Building (after Peter Parker lost it when his Parker Industries company fell apart) the Four are headed somewhere very familiar: Yancy Street.

Say hello to #4 Yancy Street, the new home of the Fantastic Four.

FF04 Yancy Street

This new headquarters and the fourth issue of the series arrive on November 28.

Written by DAN SLOTT
Covers by ESAD RIBIC
On Sale 11/28/18


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