The end could be coming for Daredevil in a mysterious new Marvel Comics teaser

Some type of end could be coming for Matt Murdock and Marvel will share that information in the very near future

Daredevil Featured

All good things must come to an end, and for Marvel Comics Daredevil that end might be coming soon. The publisher released a mysterious teaser featuring the artwork of Bill Sienkiewicz with a maskless Matt Murdock with the mask in his hand and the other hand stretched out towards a mysterious blonde woman (a returned Karen Page?) and the promise of more information on September 21.

Daredevil End


With Daredevil now one of the few titles left still bearing it’s returned legacy numbering from 2017’s Marvel Legacy initiative, most other titles having restarted with the legacy numbering just secondary on covers, it makes sense that the title might be coming towards some end and restart relatively soon.

There is also the fact that the solicits for the current Charles Soule run of the title (which began in 2015) alongside various artists sounds to be potentially winding down, and a new Daredevil season seems to be right around the corner on Netflix and in recent years Marvel has enjoyed launching new versions of a character’s title around the time of a film/TV series.

Stay tuned for more information once it debuts next week.


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