Marvel reportedly cancels The Vision mini-series ahead of November debut

Before the first issue even hit stands, Marvel has pulled the plug on the squel to their hit 2016 Vision series

The Vision Featured

Family turmoil, loss and so much more plagued the Avengers synthezoid member Vision and his recently created family but the one thing that might keep them down is cancelation.

As reported by Newsarama, With just under two months till release and a month before direct orders were due, Marvel has seemingly canceled the upcoming The Vision mini-series. Both writer Chelsea Cain and artist Aud Koch responded to the initial report from Newsarama, sharing their disappointment with the news.

No reasons at all are given for this sudden change after Marvel announced the series during San Diego Comic-Con, as the sequel to the heavily acclaimed and award-winning The Vision series from Tom King and Gabriel H Walta & others in 2016. Along with Cain making her return to Marvel after 2016’s Mockingbird the series was to be her husband Marc Mohan’s debut into the world of Marvel Comics.



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